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Virtual Fingerprints

Our customer service:

  • We generate virtual AFLP, RAPD, and RFLP fingerprints from small sized sequences up to whole genome sequences.
  • SeqeuntiX provides the generated fragments in any desired format.

Our customers provide:

  • Information about the desired fingerprint method, the source data and the data format.

What are "virtual fingerprints"?
  • Virtual fingerprint profiles are fingerprints generated by a computer software on base of a known sequences. As "templates" for virtual fingerprints either sequences comprising several hundered nucleotides or whole genome sequences can be used. This service is important for scientists who need a comparison of experimental fingerprint data with theoretical fingerprint data.
  • Virtual fingerprints are used to compare the goodness of experimental fingerprints: Choose an organism where the complete genome has already been sequenced. Extract the DNA and apply your experimental fingerprint technique. The resulting fingerprint profile can be compared with the theoretical fingerprint pattern derived from the complete genomic sequence data.
  • Molecular fingerprints are ... [Read more]

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