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DNA Fingerprint analysis, genotyping & profiling

Our service for you: DNA Fingerprint profiling, genotyping
and data analysis (e.g. AFLP, RAPD, RFLP):

  • Data import from FSA files, image files (trace extraction) or other formats
  • Profile analysis: smoothing, baselining, peak detection
  • Fragment sizing using DNA size markers (DNA ladders)
  • Binning & Hyperbinning (Superbins)
  • Binary matrix construction (01 matrix)
  • Calculation of distance matrices analysis using distance measures, e.g. Russel/Rao, Jaccard, Nei-Li, Sokal & Michener, ...
  • Cluster analysis (Neighbor-Joining and/or UPGMA) and tree construction
  • Principal coordinates analysis (PCoA)
  • Data delivery of cladograms/phylograms as common tree formats, such as NEWICK or NEXUS tree files (for further use in PHYLIP or PAUP)
  • Data delivery of cladograms/phylograms as publication-ready graphic files (JPG, PowerPoint or other)
  • Report on the data processing

Our customers provide:

  • Fingerprint data (e.g. FSA-files from automatic sequencers)
  • Information on the kind of analyses

What are "molecular fingerprints"?
  • Molecular fingerprints (fragment length polymorphism) are generated by fragmenting genomic DNA sequences. The fragment patterns are either generated by digestion (e.g. RFLP or AFLP), amplification of highly variable regions (e.g. microsatellites or minisatellites) or by the amplification of "randomly selected" parts of the genomic DNA.
  • RFLP stands for "restriction fragment length polymorphism".
    AFLP stands for "amplification fragment length polymorphism".
    RAPD stands for "randomly amplified polymorphic DNA" fingerprinting.
    Minisatellites and microsatellites are highly repetitive elements which are present at various places of genomes.
  • The common problem in fingerprint analyses is to compare complex band patterns (generated in automated DNA sequencers or on conventional gel stands). Fingerprints can be used to show the relatedness of organisms and to gain phylogenetic conclusions.
  • A comfortable way to analyse fingerprint profiles is to use the SequentiX fingerprint analysis service.

Keywords: AFLP, fingerprint, restriction enzyme, PCR, bin, superbin, hyperbin, 01 matrix, trace file, FSA
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