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Sequence assembly

Our customer service:

  • High-quality sequence contig assembly.
  • Proofreading of sequence data.
  • Additional information on overlaps, single-strand regions, edited sites, etc.
  • Optional: annotationen & BLAST searches. Generation of sequence alignments using primary and/or secondary structure features

Our customers provide:

  • Trace files (SCF, AB1, ABI) via email or FTP.
  • Further information, e.g. forward or reverse, etc.

What is "DNA sequence assembly"?
  • Modern DNA sequencers generally determine up to 1000 nucleotides (bases) of unkown DNA sequences. If the sequence of a longer DNA stretch (a larger gene or even the whole genome) is required several to many partial sequences need to be determined. These partial sequences must have overlapping regions to each other.
  • Due to methodological errors introduced by the polymerase chain reaction (PCR), by problems associated with the fluorescence chemistry (pop-up peaks, fading), the gel chemistry or the electrophoresis the obtained partial sequences may exhibit erroneous sites. These errors need to be eliminated in a proofreading step.
  • A DNA sequence assembly (contig assembly) is the process in which these partial sequences are mounted together (assembled) in order to obtain a single consensus sequence for a set of sequences (contig) and representing the original DNA sequence. For the assembly process the maximum overlap length of each sequence pair is calculated compared to other sequence pairs. The complete sequences are often furtherly processed in sequence alignments that are used for the final cladistic analyses.
  • Spare the time-consuming steps and let us assemble your sequence data.

Keywords: sequence assembly, contig assembly, sequences, mounting, overlap, proofreading, bases, chromatogram, electropherogram, trace file, AB1, SCF, ALX
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