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Our customer service:

  • We develop professional software solutions as standalone packages, offline and online applications.
  • Use our software consulting service if you encounter problems with bioinformatic or medical data.

Our customers provide:

  • A description of the problem, e.g. import/formatting of data, calculation of parameters, automatisation of the work flow ...
  • Further information on the desired results

What is "bioinformatics"?
  • Almost every scientist or laboratory has (bio-) informatic problems which repeatedly appear and could be solved in an easy way if the appropriate expertise would be on hand. A special problem requires a special algorithm.
  • Example #1:
    Each time an experiment is finished a scientist needs to import, export or re-format data in the same way. This occurs at regular intervals and if no adequate software is available can be a great waste of time. These procedures could be done by a computer software.
  • Example #2:
    Many companies offer sophisticated and expensive instruments for the determination of biological, chemical or medical data, e.g. gas chromatographs, automatic DNA sequencers and others. However, many customers have difficulties in analysing the gained data because either the original manufacturer software is limited in its application range or the orginal software could not be afforded by the customer.

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