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Cluster analyses

Our customer service:

  • Cladistic analyses of sequence alignments and other data, phylogenetic analyses, e.g. Bayesian analysis.
  • Cluster analyses and reconstruction of evolution.
  • All intermediate and final data including cladograms are available.
  • Professional summary of all results in publication-ready cladograms: annotations, bootstrap/support values of applied methods.

Our customers provide:

  • Alignments (GenBank, FASTA, ů) or other data. The datasets can be set up by using the SequentiX alignment service.
  • Informationen about the extent of analyses: desired algorithms, bootstrapping, evolutionary modell etc.

What are "cladistic analyses"?
  • Cladistic approaches (cladistic analyses, cluster analyses, phylogenetic analyses, evolutionary analyses) try to use objective information to calculate the relatedness of data.
  • For example:
    A scientist would like to know how a group of organisms is related to each other, how it evolved in the past and how this information could be presented in a graphical way (calculation of relatedness, reconstruction of the phylogeny, generation of cladograms). In order to answer these questions the scientist should try to obain as much as possible data about these organisms. A good source for data is the genomic DNA sequence of each organism. After sequencing, sequence assembly, sequence alignment and further processing cladistic methods can be applied.
  • The application of cladistic analyses requires a lot of know-how, a lot of time and sufficient computer capacities. We have the expertise and the appropriate solution.

Keywords: cladistics, cladistic analysis, phylogeny, phylogenetic analysis, maximum likelihood, neighbor-joining, maximum parsimony, bayesian analysis, evolutionary model, alignment, phylogenetic tree, dendrogram, phylogram, PHYLIP, PAUP, MrBayes, professional service, Bayesian analysis
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