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Quality assurance

Our customer service:

  • Validation and monitoring of strain purity
  • Molecular quality assurance and studies on the genetic stability of strains
  • Documentation of the genetic stability of strains using molecular fingerprint techniques [read more ...}

Our customers provide:

  • Organic samples (strains) or the extracted DNA

How can we "measure the genetic stability" of strains?
  • This is a difficult task. Is there a method on hand which can prove that genetic changes did not occure to a cell line during a certain treatment? And this free of doubt? The answer is NO!
  • However, there are methods available which can be used to verify the identity of a cell line or strain. So these methods can be used to prove whether you are dealing with the same strain over the years or whether there have been genetic changes in the population which could be due to contaminations.

Keywords: DNA extraction, PCR, AFLP fingerprints, bin, superbin, hyperbin, 01 matrix
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