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Molecular evolution

Our customer service:

  • We reconstruct the evolution of organsism groups using DNA sequence data and other molecular data.
  • Complex mathematic algorithms guarantee a state-of-the art analysis. This involves to find the optimal evoluationary model.
  • The results are visualized in dendrograms (phylogenetic trees, evolutionary trees) with statistical support values for the clusters.
  • The results are ready for publication!

Our customers provide:

  • Organic samples or sequence data (GenBank, FASTA, ů)
  • Optional: other information related to the samples/organisms.

What is "molecular evolution"?
  • DNA (DNA = desoxy-ribonucleic acid) is the fundamental structure for life on earth. DNA is used by all organisms known so far to guarantee their stability over the generations (genetic stability). Viruses which are commonly excluded from the organisms because they miss an own metabolism have either DNA or RNA (RNA = ribonucleic acid).
    The structure of DNA and the mechanisms how DNA is used to control metabolism and the appearance of organisms is very similar in all living organisms.
    DNA can change over the time - a process which is called evolution - and new organismal lineages can arise from existing ones. Therefore, we can use DNA sequences to investigate the genetic relatedness of organisms and we can also reconstruct how species and groups evolved in the past.

Keywords: Molecular evolution, phylogenetic analyses, DNA sequence analysis, marker genes, sequencing, alignment, cladistic analyses, phylogeny, phylogenetic approach, tree visualisation
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