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SequentiX software licenses - How does it work?

In order to have full access to all features of our software you need a software license. The license is calculated from an internal number of your computer and, thus, is computer-specific. Therefore, we need this number to generate your individual trial license.

We have free trial licenses and charged full licenses for our software products.

Free trial licenses (free of charge)

We provide free trial licenses for our software products. These licenses are limited in time and are usually valid for 90 days. Within this period you can use all features (including saving, copying, loading) of the software. When the exipiry date is reached the software will fall back on a restricted status. Some features will not work any more. You can apply for a trial license once.

For details please see: Obtaining free SequentiX trial licenses.

Full licenses (charged)

If you have purchased a full licenses you will have unrestricted access to all features of that software. A full license is valid without any time limit. If you would like to run licensed versions on several computers you will need to purchase a first license and further licenses for each additional computer. Full licenses are delivered after ordering of a software and receipt of payment.

Special discount: academic facilities & developing countries

For academic facilities and customers from developing countries we offer a special discount of 50% on licenses of our software products. Please visit our list of developing contries to check whether your country qualifies for a special discount or not.

Free Updates

Free updates for our software are available. This offer may be subjected to change in the future and may depend on the software product.

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