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Software for enumeration of plankton and particles

Opticount - Plankton enumeration
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  • OptiCount is a user friendly software for the quantification of phytoplankton, zooplankton and bacterioplankton and even blood cells, particles and other things that cannot be counted automatically.
  • Organisms can be freely defined (genus and/or species names).
  • Support for counting unicellular and colonial organisms.
  • Individual cell volumes can be calculated from standard geometric objects or using fixed volumes. Volume biomass is automatically converted into fresh weight biomass.
  • Opticount automatically converts counts for commonly used counting procedures into cell concentrations. You may count organisms in counting chambers or concentrated on filter surfaces using five different methods:
    • 1. lanes through the center,
    • 2. randomly selected rectangular fields,
    • 3. randomly selected circular fields,
    • 4. percent area, or
    • 5. using a blood counting chamber.
  • Just use a computer keyboard near to your microscope instead of a mechanic counting device.
  • Count single cells and/or colonies.
  • Species labels and actual counts are displayed.
  • ...

Keywords: plankton, enumeration, quantification, counter, counting, Utermoehl, Utermöhl, chamber

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